Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MEMORIES: the quadricentennial gradball

I should have posted this earlier but as you all know, I’ve just created this dear blog of mine.

Okay. Our graduation ball was celebrated 21st of March at Sofitel. It was on such short notice that I wasn’t able to have my dress custom-made, same goes for my friends. I bought mine at forever 21 though it looked fit to a club than a ball. Anyhow, the invitation only requires cocktail dresses for girls.
I love the detail and fit of the dress. Love the way it shimmers!
The girls having the block's famous jump-shot!:)
us being wacky at the photobooth. i was trying to look 'kontrabida'
Angelle & Jojo - lovin' the mask!
with my friend ryan. i'm feeling my dress. ha ha!

i was trying to achieve that model-like-parted-lips shot. fail though! :/
so i'd rather just shut my mouth!
glad i came to the party. it was so much fun. great food!great company!i feel a bit under dressed though. next time, i'll prepare!ha ha!