Thursday, September 8, 2011


I miss school. I miss waking up early in the morning. I miss rushing on the busy roads of Espana. I miss never sleeping because of gazillions of projects. I miss getting migraines over quizzes. I miss the backstreets of  UST. Mang Toot's Bananarama, Mang Ed's taas kilay, the killer buffet in Dapitan, Kikay street and so much more. Most especially, I miss having good laughs with my friends. Laughing over the simplest things, arguing over food, acting like idiots, late night kulitans. All of these made my college life one hell of a ride.

Came across this video over youtube. It is a video of me which was posted without my consent. Heck, I even miss my feasib studies because of this. This was taken during our defense practice. I was wearing an over-sized malacanang shirt which looks awful on me, got no make-up on and having a hysterical fit(exaggeration!). Yuck panget ko dito in short. HAHA!

Wish to see you guys soon. miss you so much. :)


Together with a friend of mine, we came up with the idea of  having our own vintage online shop. It's quite easy actually. I know a place where we could get a good bargain. Plus, the online fashion industry is not that tough to penetrate (I think,as I've observed?) however so letting go of the good clothes that you've found is quite challenging. We were never successful with this. So I guess my first assumption is wrong. It's never easy especially if you are a girl who would never let go of a lovely addition to your wardrobe. Oh my, sana I could choose money over clothes but where's the fun in that?

lace maxi dress, very classy :)

h&m bubble skirt,LOVE!


gotta share these pictures to you guys. 
Just to let you know, I did everything in here. I took the pictures, edited and even modeled.
Yehees! I'm that inlove with myself. Kidding though. 
Got a new camera which I won't mention here since I'm a bit shy. You guys might all have better models anyway. HAHA! 

Soo I was trying to take some pictures to test it unfortunately I don't have any nicer subjects present at that time so I just have to make use of what is already there, ME! :)  

So what do you guys think? 

BTW, found this would-be-awesome (i don't think it's working) Super Me Pentax 1980s film DSLR Camera at my grandma's house. It looks so cute. A bit heavier than the usual ones we have today but still looking SUPERB!:) Do you guys know any cheap camera repair shop here in Manila? Please help me with this one. And also, if you've the same model or something close to this, how does this work? haha. I can't find its manual. Leave me a comment if you do. I'd really appreciate it.


Sunday, September 4, 2011


Last summer a friend invited us to their rest house at Summit Point Batangas, also the venue used by "the biggest loser Philippines". Love the place. Very nice and relaxing. :)

Also, the last out of town trip I joined my college friends. I just wish that we would be given a chance to do this again despite our conflicting schedule. 

 the girls with the host, ANDREI :)

going gaga<3

 i'mma whip my hair back and forth 

  adorable,aren't they?:)

 drove 2 hours from summit point to Laiya to have dinner
 and a short dip :)
headed back to Manila before midnight :)



Attended the UPJMA ADHOC 2011 party last Saturday night. I know that it's supposed to be a college party and I am technically no longer a student but I've promised a friend last year that I'll join them for this one. Just keeping my promise! :) Well, it was my first time though. I am jealous still of you younger ones!!! Wish I could go back to college and be as carefree as before. Geez, I feel so old. Well, not really. I'm only 20  turning 21 this December. I just graduated last March so what the heck is my problem?haha! Maybe it's the realization that from now on life's gonna be different; more complicated yet never be less happy. 

I'm gonna be FOREVER YOUNG!:)

 Wearing a ZARA blazer, SM dept store corset & scarf, F21 accessories and jellybean shoes

 with Khen and Ry, college friends :)
 and jojo :)

 and ryan again:)



Two Mondays ago our family held a simple lunch get together at my aunt's village's clubhouse. It lasted til late noon yet I only joined them for just a bit. I was wasting my time locked up snoring at my cousin's playroom since I have work that Monday night. It was holiday BTW, but not for me. Sucks I know.haha!

 Wearing: denim top I got from the kid's department (the advantage of being thin :)), vintage skirt, shoes, SM dept store wrap-around belt

 cutie pie :))
Some of my food picks:
 roast pork
 fish parmesan
 potato something? yummy though
evil lechon >:)