Sunday, September 4, 2011


Attended the UPJMA ADHOC 2011 party last Saturday night. I know that it's supposed to be a college party and I am technically no longer a student but I've promised a friend last year that I'll join them for this one. Just keeping my promise! :) Well, it was my first time though. I am jealous still of you younger ones!!! Wish I could go back to college and be as carefree as before. Geez, I feel so old. Well, not really. I'm only 20  turning 21 this December. I just graduated last March so what the heck is my problem?haha! Maybe it's the realization that from now on life's gonna be different; more complicated yet never be less happy. 

I'm gonna be FOREVER YOUNG!:)

 Wearing a ZARA blazer, SM dept store corset & scarf, F21 accessories and jellybean shoes

 with Khen and Ry, college friends :)
 and jojo :)

 and ryan again:)


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