Friday, April 15, 2011

it's hard to do NOTHING

it hasn't even been a month since I graduated but it seems like I've been bummed out for so long. I'm kinda irritated with myself for being too hazy with how I want my life to be. At times I feel like I wanna study some more but then I think it would be better to just find work which I'm not yet starting to do. kainis! I'm so undecided regarding this topic. I'm not really used to this version of myself. I kinda miss the busy me. I wanna do something productive without me getting employed. weird, huh? so there.. my friend and I decided to start our own online shop. watch out! hope it push through.:)

so what keeps me busy? or rather who keeps me busy? FRIENDS! I'm always with them that we're almost inseparable. Love them to bits. 

Just to share some pictures of me and two of my bestfriends. went out for lunch.
with jheck

with pot
the three of us!:)
wearing what? thrift dress, mango silver skirt, f21 studded bag, PRP clogs, f21 accessories
thanks for reading! Love, Diane

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