Friday, May 20, 2011


Spent this year's holy week at Coron. Thankfully my family decided it would be best to spend this time of solemnity at Palawan instead of our yearly getaway Boracay. Don't get me wrong, I love Boracay but it's just that it can get way too crowded specially during holidays. So for a more relaxing time with the fam, I'll go for Coron. An hour flight from Manila and you'll get to experience this piece of heaven.

Day 1 was spent hiking Mt. Tapyas which was no joke. 700 steps up then double it... NO JOKE! I was never an athlete. However, the day ended with a soothing bath at a local hot spring which I forgot the name which is really bad for me since the place was AWESOME! hot spring na salt water? cool diba? no pictures of the place though since we were all excited to wash our stress away walang ngeffort mgpicture. 

 we've reached the top.YAY!
A boy gave me a flag kasi daw I should be proud of myself for never quitting the challenge.:)

What happened in day 2? We trekked, swam, wander. Island hopping NEVA FAILS! 1st stop was siete picados followed by this lake which I also forgot the name then more and more islands...last stop was the twin lake.
woke up in the morning with these on the table. Our host was nice enough to find us the real deal...the real CASHEW deal. BTW, in Coron most of the resorts in there were pretty small so very homey ang feeling. Very personalized ang service specially sa food. They will even cook for you as you go island hopping. 

 Can you see the sea urchin? 
 cool rock formation
 This is where we ate

 if you look closer, somewhere near my face you might notice a naturally curved cross at the rock. 

That's it for day 1 & 2. I'll post more on day 3 & 4 :)

Best of love,

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