Monday, June 13, 2011


I've been looking for that perfect place to take my outfit shots and why didn't I ever notice this lovely setting just in front of my cousin's house? so perfect. I just wish there's this kind of place in ours as well. Sadly, there's none so I might just visit their place as often as I can.

So to share some of the pictures

I love the place. Perfect for taking pictures! did I just say perfect again? 

How I love taking pictures without getting those awkward stares :)) So need I say more how PERFECT the place is?

If you would notice the lovely (bias) necklace I'm wearing, it's one of my creation. I've been seeing lots of you wearing this lovely trend and since I'm on a tight budget, I tried making my own. What can you say? I'll post more on these. I've created 3 already. :)

Say-say? why can't they join the fun? haha! my cute cousins wearing my necklaces. 

That's all lovelies.
Best of love, 

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