Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coron second half

This is the second half of my Coron post which you may see here (day 1&2). I've decided to re-post the blog since I want to share more pictures to you guys. Please check out the link as I've changed the post totally. My previous one was kinda crappy. 

So yay! lemme start. 

On our 3rd day, we've pretty much spent the day on this so-called banana island which I swear you'd find heavenly. I took advantage of the picturesque view. YAY! frustrated photographer am I?


2nd stop was that beach with the sand bar. COOL!

I can. I can jump on water!


local transportation

went to the souvenir shop and found this cute piggy wooden chair.

On our waaay to the airport. Cows were the source of traffic. Gazillions of them.

So that's it.
Best of love, 

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