Tuesday, June 14, 2011

quirky mix

...i totally forgot to post this. just realized today that I have unpublished blogs.

Asked my friends to go out with me as I need a breather. 

 Had snack at KITCHEN. I luuurve their food and really affordable pa.  
 Winner ang pasta! this is my friend WREGY btw.
 with jheck
After this, we strolled for a bit but ended up goofing around, taking silly outfit shots.

 first time to try the socks on heels trend. Wonder why I never sported this one earlier? Should try not be bothered by those awkward stares. 
 I dunno what I was trying to achieve with this outfit. I was just trying to look effortlessly chic. My friend here goes for the nerdy look.
 dots plus stripes plus socks = ?